Youngsters on the Air - Romania SL

Youngsters on the Air, a summer camp intended for young HAM (radio amateur) operators from all around Europe was held in Campina, Romania, from 27th July to 3rd August. HAM operators Musti – S56MC and Gregor – S53SL that are also participating in wlan slovenija network took part in this week long opportunity to present ideas, learn and get to know people, cultures and HAM stuff.

The concept of wlan slovenija was introduced through a presentation Wireless mesh networks for community, ham and emergency use, that boasted the idea of connecting versatile networks in a common system, that is decentralized, unmanaged and organic, therefore likely to be operable also in emergency situations and can then be used by all parties.

Youngsters on the Air – YOA camp was mainly about radio amateurism, all the participating countries presented the state of this hobby, youth involvement and historical background, summing the opinions and experience. There is not much interest for radio communications and construction of equipment nowadays, as all the necessities are available to buy, media of communication is generally available. All activities contributing to informal technical education should be increased, fun and interesting activities can be offered to youngsters who will then gladly take part as a good example from Belgium shows.

We found out about a HAM WiFi network in Belgium which has a nice website with loads of information.