On a rather cool July Saturday we have tested three international links between Slovenia, Austria and Croatia and one backbone extension in Slovenia. Most links have performed better then predicted, hence we are working on improving the prediction methods. Testing provided useful results for planning and setting up long distance wireless links.

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Moreover, most of the links perform better when using low signal output and narrower channel width and become more stable. Enough information has been gathered to construct permanent links, that can be used for further settings optimization, passing experimental traffic in the first phase.

It was established that long stable links can be established with relatively low output power and that dual polarization (effectively the use of 802.11n) does make a significant difference. Furthermore, Skype is essential over an independent Internet link as it enables a very effective coordination of both sides, Google Earth because it enables a visual perspective with links drawn, that can be easily extrapolated by eye to the actual setup.

More elaborate testing results and initial predictions are also available.

We would like to thanks Virtua d.o.o. for lent equipment which made testing possible.

Virtua IT, d.o.o.