Great thought from today's press conference

Yochai Benkler:

We have a long tradition of thinking there is an opposition between efficiency/competition/markets and justice and society. And somehow we have to tradeoff between two competing goals: growth and welfare and justice and redistribution. But in fact, what has happened with the Internet, is that growth and innovation lead exactly to what democracy and justice require. Both of them need the means of production distributed (right here) in the population, so that anyone can speak, anyone can create, anyone can create their own innovation, anyone can create their own business. This age old traditional divide is a divide of the industrial economy. We have been able to overcome that divide and today it's between 20th century business models and both innovation and growth and civil society, democracy and justice on the other opposing side. In that battle between on one hand innovation, growth, democracy and justice and preserving revenue streams of incumbent industries, it is not a close choice.