GSoC 2017 - wlan slovenija - Report 2 - HMAC signing of Nodewatcher data SL

This is the second update of my Google Summer of Code 2017 progress.

The first blog post that describes the idea and goals can be read here and the first update here.

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GSoC 2017 - HMAC signing of Nodewatcher - Report 1 SL

First update is here! Let's see what's crackin'.

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GSoC: Improving nodewatcher data representation capability (week 1) SL

I am a student of computer science, but most of my knowledge comes from my diy projects. I am a jack of all trades kind of a guy; I have tinkered with low level stuff like add-ons and fpgas, but I also worked with everything UE4 gaming engine, blender and other high level programs. I like creating visual things such as music visualizations, graphs and other more interactive ways of displaying data. This summer I will help improve the visualization capabilities of nodewatcher.

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GSoC 2017 - HMAC signing of Nodewatcher data and IPv6 support for Tunneldigger SL


I am a student at Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Like (almost) every "computer enthusiast" I liked gaming and later found myself developing an OpenGL graphics engine. All engrossed in C++ and all sorts of algorithmic challenges I slowly came to realize that something is missing. Yes, my knowledge of anything network related. So, combining my two other interests, those being information security and inexplicable love of tunnels, I applied myself to Google Summer Of Code with the following ideas. As a participant in this year's Google Summer of Code I will develop some new goodies for two projects of wlan slovenija open wireless network.

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SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatcher - Final steps SL

This blog post concludes the work I did during the Google Summer of Code 2016.

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SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatcher – Survey Module Report SL

We created a new nodewatcher module as a part of this year's Google Summer of Code program. The module is responsible to store survey data about neighboring wireless nodes into our database.

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SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatcher – report 0 SL

Hi everyone,

I will contribute to one of the Freifunk projects – nodewatcher – via Google Summer of Code this summer and I wanted to keep you updated on my progress as well as exchange thoughts about my ideas.

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wlan slovenia will be part of NVO event Dan vključujoče informacijske družbe 2016 SL

In the wlan Slovenia We were invited to participate on Day of an inclusive information society in 2016 event where we will have a lecture The open information infrastructure - Open Wireless Slovenia. If you are interested to know more about us, or about any other of the events we invite you to join us on Tuesday 17 May, from 16 to 19 hours to RAMPA Laboratory, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana.

The program of the event is located below the additional information on the following link: 2016 /.

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Participate in Google Summer of Code 2016 SL

This year wlan slovenija is again participating in Google Summer of Code. If you are a student and you search for programming summer work for this summer, you can apply to work on wlan slovenija projects and get $5500 for a successful contribution.

wlan slovenija is a open wireless network initiative from Slovenija, building a common, open and independent network for everybody. It is participating under Freifunk umbrella so you have to formally apply there. Prepare proposal of your contribution and submit it until March 25. We suggest that you submit the proposal draft immediately and then work on improving it until the deadline. In this way you will be in the system soon and will not miss the deadline. Furthermore, mentors will be able to comment and work with you through the system on your proposal. Moreover, we suggest that you join our chat and connect with the community and get help with your proposals.

You can check the list of ideas for proposals to get a feeling of what we are looking for. But of course, you can propose also something completely yours.

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Battlemesh v9 in Portugal SL

This year's Wireless Battle Mesh will be in Porto, Portugal, May 1-7 2016.

The Wireless Battle of the Mesh is an event that aims at bringing together people from across Europe and beyond to test the performance of different routing protocols for mesh networks, like Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N., BMX, IEEE 802.11s, OLSR. It is a tournament with a social character. If you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, or have an interest in mesh networks and related technologies, this event is for you.

The traditional goal of the event is to set-up hands-on testbed for each available mesh routing protocol with a standard test procedure for the different mesh networks. During the event, similar hardware and software configuration is used based on the OpenWrt and packages for each protocol implementation. The event is also a great opportunity to develop testing tools for PHY/MAC radio layers (drivers, scripts and PHY analyzers). Alongside the testing of routing protocols, a number of talks, workshops, and hackathons are held on various mesh-related topics, all from technology to community and social aspects of mesh networks.

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Greetings 2016 SL

Greetings 2015

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Access points for refugees in Vrhnika SL

We in wlan slovenija were contacted by volunteers in refuge center Vrhnika to establish Internet connection for refugees living there. Using our technology we enabled them communication with loved ones back home and access to much needed information about what is happening and how to continue their travel.

If you are a volunteer and interested in organizing something similar in a center near you, or you a neighbor to one of the centers, turn to our chat channel and maybe we can do something together also there.

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Deploying open WiFi nodes for refugees SL

wlan slovenija open wireless network has started deploying open WiFi access points for refugees on border crossing with Slovenia where they are regularly stranded for days while waiting to cross the border. Without access to information and ways to communicate with friends and family their situation becomes even harder.

Thank you everyone who helps. The response is enormous. We are now in process of preparing a connectivity kit which could be easily duplicated elsewhere.

You can help us as well. If you have 3G or LTE USB modems you can donate, contact us. Also if you live near border crossing or other areas where refugees are stationed, consider sharing part of your Internet connection in a safe way with refugees by deploying a wlan slovenija open WiFi node. We can help you.

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Battlemesh v8 and its many stories SL

It is really impossible to recap the latest Battlemesh event. So let's simply share some photos and facts and let them speak.

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BattleMeshV8 has started SL

Let us share a few photos from the first days of Wireless BattleMeshV8 with you. The participants were arriving at Pekre, started assembling the equipment that will help them do the testings in the coming days, while they were also mingling and lecturing about their findings at the same time.

Again, the event is open and free for all, lectures are on every day after noon, find more about the agenda and timetables here. Check the timetables regularly, since lectures are also added subsequently. Lectures can be viewed live (and also those already finished) on Ryan Taylor's Livestream channel. The event is not limited to lectures, though, participants are mixing and exchanging knowledge in interesting debates every day. Come. =)

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