Imagine open and free
Internet access ...

... in your home ...

... anywhere in
your town ...

... over whole Slovenia.

Yes, this is possible.
This is wlan slovenija!

Initiative to build an open wireless network all-around Slovenia.


The technology is here, the knowledge is here, the possibility is here, take connectivity into your hands, don't wait for others, you can enable it yourself.

You are not utilizing your whole Internet connection at home – share it with your neighborhood! Let passers-by have free access to the Internet, and you as well when you are somewhere else. The more nodes we deploy, the bigger the area with free Internet access will be.

You have a business and you want to offer your visitors access to Internet in a simple and recognizable way? Deploy a wlan slovenija node.

You want to share your connection with your neighbor? Neighboring village? wlan slovenija nodes can do that as well. Start with the network in your town!


wlan ljubljana network has
spread over whole Slovenia
and renamed to wlan slovenija